About Us

Our Story

Furball Collective (or simply “FurballCo”) is a Singapore-based toy store specializing in creating food-inspired toys for pets. We offer a fun shopping experience and delightful customer service.

Our team started creating  food-inspired cushions in 2016 and requests bEgan streaming in for pet toys - and this was how FurballCo came to life!

Our mission is to create toys to help you and your pets build a great relationship, and it brings us so much joy when you send us with your delightful shots!



Our team is constantly innovating to bring you new designs and improve on our existing products. Care is also taken to ensure that every product offers the best experience for your furkids. If you have any feedback on our items, or new ideas to share with us, please email or text us anytime!



We LOVE collaborations. If you have a business proposition or marketing idea, please feel free to email or text us . We are always excited to explore new opportunities!