Ang Ku Kueh Squeaker Chew Toy


Ang Ku Kueh, when translated literally, means Red Tortoise Cake, as the glutinous skin is moulded in the shape of a tortoise. It is consideredu an auspicious and culturally imp...

Curry Fish Head Pet Bed Set


Curry fish head is a dish of Indian and Chinese origins, served in a clay pot with a mouthwatering combination of sweet, spicy and sour. We transform...

Curry Fish Head Pet Pillow Cushion


A giant piece of curry-fish-head cushion just for your furkid to gnaw and fool around with! Take care, it's spicy!

Curry Puff Squeaker Chew Toy


What's brown, crispy and irresistible? You got it, curry puffs! A savoury pastry revered for its fragrant mishmash of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures — it's oh-so-Singapore!...

Gem Biscuit Squeaker Chew Toy


A popular childhood snack that one would not forget! We’ve always known that this gem biscuit comes in small and tasty form, enjoyed by the young (and the young at heart). We know yo...

Ice Cream Sandwich Chew Toy


A quintessential Orchard Road treat peddled by mobile ice cream vendors, these fluffy ice cream sandwiches are a delight on a hot day. Now upsized into a chew toy for your furk...

Lady's Finger Squeaker Chew Toy


Some love it, others stay away from it! A crucial ingredient in many nyonya delicacies, the lady finger is now available in the form of a dog squeakie chew toy ...

Otah Squeaker Chew Toy


Otah or grilled fish cake is a popular street food snack in Southeast Asia. The fish cake is tenderly wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves and grilled to perfection. With great co...