Premium Hot Pot Interactive Nosework Toy

Premium Hot Pot Steamboat Interactive Nosework Chew Toy for Pet Dogs


Fun, stimulating, and rewarding Nose Work Toy from Furball Collective!
One of the favourite asian delicacies enjoyed during get-together! We have now transformed it into an engaging toy...

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I've been a Nom Nom Plush fan for some time (yes I've the giant plush cushions to proof it!) and when I heard that you guys are making doggy squeaky toys I knew I had to get my hands on them. There are many squeaky toys out there but none so close to my heart and tummy. Totally love love love the local snack toys - yummy and totally kitsch!

Every Furkid needs to know our local Hawker Food!

Quality is good and outlook is v cute! Highly recommend! 👍

I love love love squeaky toys and owning one of this plush toys that represents our singapore culture is the only way to show my true Singapawrean self🤪

Ordered the tutukueh from Furballco. Delivery was fast and prompt. The quality of the toy is really good too. It has been able to withstand my shiba’s destructive playing and tugging (so far)!

Quality squeaky toy. My dog love it so much that she bring it to her bed every night.

bailey lovesss the Ang ku kueh! it’s so soft and squeaky!